What is Worldschooling?

Homeschooling meets travel bug, and they have a baby. Voila!  That's world schooling in a nutshell.

There are lots of fancy, philosophical treatises on this.  I think, if you want to see something in real time, then go for it.  Don't settle for a textbook photo if you can at all see something with your own two eyes.  There is only one life to live, as they say.  

I want my kids to experience knowledge firsthand, not out of a book.  That's perhaps my greatest driver.  I used to hate learning about history from a textbook. Don't get me wrong, I was an excellent student and thrived in my history and art history classes at university. But perhaps, that was when I decided that someday, I would visit these places and see these magnificent things for myself.  

In my wanderlust, I wanted my kids to learn about these things with as much excitement and vigor as humanly possible.  But how possible is it for a kid to see a picture of the David and get excited about it?  

Now, seeing the David, for yourself, that's a different story.

Personally, I didn't go to Italy to see the David.  I went there to see Moses.

Of course there was Caesar Augustus too.  He was everywhere.