30 May

To understand what happened to us gnomes, you must first understand the biggest secret of gnome civilization is nuts! That`s right. It`s all about the nuts. You see, it`s our currency. it`s what we eat. So of course, it`s important. But here`s the problem.... the nuts were being stolen. Not by some evil monster or creature of the night,  but by, you guessed it, other gnomes. Or to put it another way, the gnome king. And as you know, gnomes are very allusive creatures, because they know all the secrets of hoarding, and you know, not being detected by the truth fairy.

Everyday, Papa & Mama tried to keep their nut stores up for the winter, & every year it was the same. The nuts just kept disappearing. Soon, there wouldn`t be enough nuts to go around. Something had to be done, and the little gnomes, who were by now  three in number, were eating ravenously everyday. Something drastic had to be done, before all the nuts were gone. 

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