02 Apr

Crossing the Mountain

        The gnomes were ready. As with any new adventure, excitement was in the air, and it permeated their very souls. First born, Abby, only 6 at the time, was already displaying some organizational skills. As a classic gnome-girl, she’d packed all her most important things; a log book, pencil crayons, a sharpener. Of course, Barbie dolls, hair bands, sparkles, all the things any good gnome-girl would carry to a far away place. She was ready, or so she thought. Her brother Sam, only 4 years old, was equally prepared, or so he thought. Always up to the occasion, he’d packed what was in his mind, the most important item in his arsenal of wealth, his magic box. Inside this tiny wooden box, was several of his favorite collectibles, including a small drawstring bag. Inside that again, were several unique stones, marbles, & multi-colored spheres. Mostly what Sam had was his mindset. You see, Sam was fearless. Finally, the littlest gnome of them all, Zoe, only 2 years old, was full of spunk and  enthusiasm. For her age, her preparation reflected her vivid imagination. She had her own little bag of tricks, a mini-backpack chalk full of all her favorite goodies which she hoarded. Above all, was a miniature unicorn. This manifested itself in her mind as a special kind of horse that could fly. You see, Zoe didn’t worry. She was a free spirit.

            The little gnomes didn’t pretend to know why they were travelling. They had faith. Faith in what Mama and Papa gnome had told them, ‘that something bad was happening to all the nuts,’ They heard ‘all the nuts were disappearing’ and ‘nobody knew where the nuts were going,’ The kids had also heard that the nuts were better on the other side of the mountain and also that the nuts were more plentiful there. So off they were going, to see for themselves.

             As gnomes are natural born travellers, there wasn’t much coaxing necessary. The kids had already camped out much and were used to living in tents and such, however the real secret to the travlin’ gnomes, was networking. This was done mostly by mama-gnome. You see she had pre-arranged everything. The communication throughout the gnome network was superb.

             The first leg of the long journey was a little uphill, as they climbed through the forest on the intercontinental pathway. Camping overnight was a much welcome, bonding and restful time for the gnomes. Contrary to popular myth, gnomes are not really nocturnal creatures as most people think. It’s just that you don’t see them during the day, that’s all. You see, they blend in, and are camouflaged very well. They move almost unnoticably among us, if it weren't for the tell-tale glitch (see below), that gives them all away, instantly. Mostly, at night, the gnomes are all sleeping. tucked away snugly in their gnome homes; a hollowed out tree, a lean two here and there, under moss or bark thatched roofs. The gnomes are mostly early morning creatures, busy bodies and very secretive indeed.

              Back to the journey. During the night, in the fresh mountain air, the gnomes dreams changed. These were manifested as clear symbolic images, of prophecy, places as yet unknown, spirits as yet un-revealed. Images of raining nuts, or walking in a forest of giant nut trees were common. Squirrels in the dreams were different, as were soaring birds with strange calls. On the other side of the mountain, the gnomes made contact with their first key network of gnomes. These were called Manna-gnomes and in fact, they were special gnomes, well versed in the gnome kingdoms, as being the connectors of travlin’ gnomes. They put them on a gnome train heading south towards the jungle……….

Tell-tale glitch: You can always tell a gnome by this trait, it's a twinkle in their eye, particularly the left eye. They say it's like looking into the soul. To a gnome it's very pronounced, especially when they smile!

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