01 Feb
Ducks roasting in Singapore
So many steamed pork buns to eat!
Sam ate this noodle dish in Singapore but its a take on a northern Chinese dish called Dan Dan noodles.  It was spicy and savory!
Sam ate this dish quite often in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was called Kung Pao fish on rice.  The sauce was sweet and spicy and complimented the lightly breaded (cornstarch) tilipia fish pieces nicely.Ryan loved these deep fried chilies that were served alongside our banana leaf meals.  He swore that they weren't too spicy.  I decided to trust him one night and try one. He was right, as far as the first bite!Banana leaf meals in Malaysia were by far super economical and packed full of variety and flavor.  If you had a vegetarian banana leaf, your lunch was only $1 USD at this place.  And everything was refillable!
Nasi Lemak is the staple dish of Malaysia.  Rice, veggies, a boiled egg, curried meat and salted deep fried peanuts and anchovies.  Guess which component was my favorite?  The ANCHOVIES.
You think you knew pad thai.  Then  you had pad thai in Krabi, Thailand, and your life was now redefined.
Yes, that rice is blue.  Not a photoshop trick.  This rice was cooked with pea flowers, which produce this lovely color.
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