01 Feb
Curry is such a lovely and complicated thing. Every region in Asia has their claim to curry fame.  I learned during my time in India, all those years ago, that family's have their own curry secrets. So every grandma in every village has her own recipe!    
Colors vary depending on whether a curry has more or less tumeric, chilis, green herbs (as is the case with Thai curries), and whiteners (like coconut milk or yogurt). In India and Malaysia, the color scheme ranges red to orange to yellow. In Thailand you have red and green curries. In China you have yellows.

Then you also have presentation...
No kidding, this is not a curry puff. Its a doughnut. The dough on the outside was chewy and savory. My son felt it had a little more star anise than a typical curry puff. We ate these in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. JB is close to Singapore, which is maybe why there ismore of a star anise flavor.

This is a beautiful presentation of Banana Leaf.  Rice smothered in Dal, with 6 side curry dishes, all vegetarian.  And our favorite side was the papadam, which is a crispy chip made of chickpea flour.  So delicious for scooping up mouthfuls of rice and dal. This dish almost made me go vegetarian, it was so flavorful, I didn't miss the meat at all.
This was a banana leaf place in Kuala Lumpur.  Bananabros is located in Berjaya Times Square mall.  The presentation was more rustic, and we observed more people eating with their right hand (no utensils, and no lefties please). Free refills of everything for 13 ringgits (that's $4.33 CAD) Not that I needed that many refills because the first serving is plentiful and filling.  
This was a curry chicken hotpot that I recently enjoyed in JB.  It's curry chicken with lots of cabbage on the bottom, and it was quite spicy as you might have guessed.

 I think they put a whole chili in these dishes just as a warning sign, like a red flag. When you see a whole chili sitting on top of your dish, better get that glass of milk or yogurt lassi ready.
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