14 Feb
Oh My!  Where do I even start?  The pastry here is of the highest calibre, comparable to anything we ate in Europe, and yet, different.  Things have their own Asia spin.  So to compare the desserts to what you might find at home might be a tad bit unfair.  

For instance, this luscious checkerboard cake was bits of dark chocolate cream sharing space and time with creamy, only slightly sweet, airy whipped cream.  The dark chocolate coating was the perfect wrapper.

The tarts are similar in appearance to Portuguese egg tarts and to Hong Kong style egg tarts, but they are actually closer in consistency and taste to cheese cake (yes, its baked cream cheese, eggs, vanilla and sugar).  And the crust is not puff pastry, its more like pie dough.  Still very delicious with afternoon coffee or tea.
This strange tasty crisp is something we stumbled upon at our local breakfast place.  On this particular morning I wanted to try something different.  This item was on someone else's table so I pointed and nodded.  I was expecting something savory but it was sweet and salty!  It had a sprinkling of salt and was drizzled with honey.  As well, I am pretty sure they prepared it using butter (likely ghee, or clarified butter, since it was an Indian restaurant). It was crispy and your broke it apart with your fingers.  It was sticky and fun to eat.  The name of it was fun too... I am sure I am not spelling this correctly, but it sounded like the waitress called this TISSUE.  Yes, you understood correctly.  TISSUE.

It didn't taste like tissue though.  Make sure you order this for a light snack, especially if you have kids.  They will love it for the taste and the fun factor.
Berry Pavlova.  Really, it was as amazing as it looks. Heaven on a plate. I really hope they have this as a regular menu item in Heaven.
And of course, Tiramisu.  

This one had a cool twist. Broken pieces of caramel crumbled and encrusted on the outside surfaces.

If you want to know how it tasted, just look at my face!
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