Crossing the Mountain Allegory Explained

         The story of the gnomes crossing the mountain has a number of themes or principals we can learn from. Firstly is, ‘ignorance is bliss.’ It’s true that children carry an innocence about them because of what they don’t know. As they venture forth they each carry something with them, in their backpack or carry bag, something that is very personal to them. It is an expression of themselves. It may be a psychological symbol, for example, a magic unicorn, marbles, or even pencils. It is something comforting, something we need within ourselves, to hang on to.

                 Secondly, each gnome or child has gifts unique unto themselves. Abby is organized. Sam is fearless (naive). Zoe is inquisitive. All these qualities can be an advantage when starting out. Perhaps, adults need to adopt their inner child in order to overcome apprehension.

                   The little gnomes don’t really know or understand why they are travelling. The parent gnomes give them a reason which is simplified. The third principal or theme of this allegory is, Trust in the Spirit. Gnomes are very spiritual creatures. As such, they have dreams guiding their destiny. Children accept this. Adults need to be insightful with what guides them, a mentor, a light, a knowledge, wisdom?

                       Finally, we see the dreams changing, and the gnomes, being spiritual creatures, pick up the new vibes and spirits that accompany them along the way.